(A)   Establishment. The Council hereby authorizes the establishment of a Stormwater Utility Management Program for the town to carry out the purposes, functions and responsibilities herein set forth. The Town Administrator shall administer the Program.
   (B)   Duties and powers. The Stormwater Utility Management Program shall have the following duties and powers:
      (1)   Stormwater utility management planning  and preparation of comprehensive watershed master plans for stormwater management.
      (2)   Regular inspections of public and private stormwater utility management facilities and measures and the construction thereof.
      (3)   Maintenance and improvement of stormwater utility management facilities that have been accepted by the town for that purpose.
      (4)   Plan review and inspection of stormwater utility management plans, measures, and practices.
      (5)   Retrofitting designated watersheds to reduce existing flooding problems or to improve water quality.
      (6)   Acquisition of interests in land, including easements.
      (7)   Design and construction of stormwater utility management facilities and measures and acquisition of equipment.
      (8)   Water quantity and water quality management, including monitoring and surveillance.
      (9)   Any and all powers and duties delegated or granted to it as a local government implementing agency under the laws and regulations of the state, and the ordinances of this town.
(Ord. 21059, passed 8-10-21)