(A)   Persons required to pretreat wastewater in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall provide a statement, to be reviewed by an authorized representative of the user, and certified by a qualified person as determined by the Commission. Such statement shall indicate whether applicable pretreatment requirements are being met on a consistent basis, and, if not, describe the additional operation and maintenance or additional pretreatment needed for the user to meet the pretreatment requirements.
   (B)   If the user needs to provide additional pretreatment or operation and maintenance improvements to meet the pretreatment requirements, the user shall submit a plan (including schedules) to the Manager. The plan (including schedules) shall be consistent with applicable conditions of the Commission's requirements, NPDES permit or other local, state, or federal laws.
('81 Code, § 51.8.02) (Ord. passed 4-19-93; Am. Ord. 11011, passed 2-8-11)