§ 51.091  SCOPE.
   (A)   The definitions of terms used in this chapter are found in § 51.001. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the discharge of all wastewater to the Commission's wastewater system. This chapter provides for use of the wastewater system, regulation of sewer construction, control of the quantity and quality of wastewater discharged, wastewater pretreatment, reclaimed wastewater, sludge reuse, equitable distribution of costs, sewer construction plans, issuance of wastewater discharge permits, minimum sewer construction standards and conditions, and penalties and other procedures in cases of violation of this chapter.
   (B)   This chapter shall apply to the town and to persons outside the town who are, by contract or agreement with the Commission, users of the wastewater sewers or wastewater treatment facilities.
   (C)   Each and every owner will be held fully responsible and liable by and to the Commission for all that is done or omitted on, in, or about any premises by any agent or tenant or other persons not employed by the Commission who may gain access thereto. The tenant in or upon any premises of any owner shall at all times, and for all purposes connected with, or arising from, the Commission's wastewater service to and for such premises, except the making of the original application for wastewater service pipe and contract, be taken and construed to be the properly constituted agent of the owner.
('81 Code, § 51.2.02) (Ord. passed 4-19-93; Am. Ord. 11011, passed 2-8-11)