(A)   Service agreement. A SERVICE AGREEMENT is an agreement for service between MPW and its customer, which form or agreement the Commission may change from time to time.
   (B)   Contract between the Commission and consumer.  A service agreement, when executed between the consumer and by an authorized representative of Mount Pleasant Waterworks, shall become a contract under which the Waterworks agrees to furnish utility services to the individual consumer, and the consumer agrees to receive and pay for the service in accordance with the rate schedule and the service regulations of Mount Pleasant Waterworks on file in the office of MPW current at the time the service agreement is executed. Such rate schedules and service regulation may be modified from time to time. The rate schedules and service regulations, and any changes thereto, shall be incorporated by reference in the service agreements. The service agreement will be in such form that can be modified by the Commission when deemed necessary.
   (C)   Payment responsibility.  The consumer who establishes service agrees to be responsible for receipt and payment of bills for these services until such consumer requests disconnection of the service. Failure to receive a monthly bill does not relieve the consumer of payment responsibility.
   (D)   Termination of service.  The agreement may be terminated by either party, one working day notice to the other. It is further agreed that the Commission reserves the right to discontinue services if the consumer fails to make timely payments, breaches the service agreement, or provides inaccurate information in its application. If the service is disconnected for cause, the consumer agrees to pay all outstanding bills. By agreeing to have service provided, the applicant represents that he or she has the authority to request utility service at the location, and attests that the information given is true and accurate. Customers with outstanding bills will not be provided service at other locations until all outstanding bills are paid.
(Ord. 11011, passed 2-8-11)