(A)   The Commission shall be comprised of seven numbered seats. All members shall be approved by the Town Council and shall serve as volunteers without compensation.
   (B)   Terms for each seat shall be four years. However, initial terms for seats one through four shall be for two years, and terms thereafter shall be for four years. Initial terms for seats five through seven shall be for three years, and terms thereafter shall be for four years. No member shall be immediately eligible for reappointment after serving two consecutive terms, however such members shall be eligible following a period of two years.
   (C)   Members shall be an art professional, a member of a community development or art-focused nonprofit, an art educator, a benefactor of local culture and tradition, or a civic-minded citizen, and must live in the town.
   (D)   The Commission shall meet on a quarterly basis, at a minimum, and shall be subject to all state and federal disclosure laws. Each member is required to attend 75% of called meetings per year on a rolling- year basis which shall be measured on the first of every month for the preceding year. Each member shall be afforded one excused absence which shall not be counted towards the attendance requirement. If removal due to attendance is necessary, the Town Administrator shall then remove that member from the Commission prior to the next scheduled meeting and notify Town Council.
   (E)   The Commission shall establish and maintain by-laws consistent with the provisions of this subchapter. By-laws and subsequent amendments shall be approved by the Town Council
(Ord. 12090, passed 1-8-13; Am. Ord. 14047, passed 8-12-14; Am. Ord. 18035, passed 6-14-18)