(A)   Mission and purposes. Study, analyze, plan, and develop policy recommendations for Council and respond to issues which are associated with vehicular and pedestrian transportation, and public transportation infrastructure, including roads, streets, signalization, sidewalks, bikes paths, and mass transit equipment and facilities.
   (B)   Composition. The Committee on Transportation shall consist of the Mayor, acting as Chairperson, and a minimum of two and a maximum of three members of Town Council, said numerical make-up being at the discretion of the Mayor.
   (C)   Duties. The Committee shall be responsible for the following:
      (1)   Citizen requests for installation or modification of traffic control devices such as stop signs.
      (2)   Citizen requests for the alteration of existing transportation system infrastructure such as the closure of existing roads and streets.
      (3)   Planning for expansion of pedestrian and bike way systems throughout the town.
      (4)   Monitoring of the Charleston Transportation Committee road maintenance and improvement program.
      (5)   Review data, information, traffic trends, and proposed plans pertaining to the modification and expansion of the road network in Mount Pleasant. Routine maintenance will continue to be a function of the Public Services Committee.
      (6)   Prepare recommendations pertaining to review, amendment, and implementation of the Mount Pleasant Transportation Plan.
      (7)   Review broad and specific issues, of both a long and short term nature related to traffic and transportation in Mount Pleasant.
      (8)   Review budget recommendations from the Town Administrator relative to transportation system improvements other than routine maintenance which will continue to be reviewed by the Public Services Committee.
      (9)   Review and recommend consultant services to support transportation programs.
      (10)   Review requests for abandonment and acquisition of street right of ways.
      (11)   Coordinate RTA issues prior to submittal to Town Council. A representative of the Transportation Committee will serve as a second representative to the RTA pursuant to statutory authorization.
      (12)   Review matters pertaining to the maintenance and/or installation of traffic signalization.
      (13)   Review annual submittal of projects to CHATS enhancement subcommittee for recommendation to Council.
      (14)   Review and approve, or recommend approval, as appropriate, modifications to street light system.
      (15)   Any and all other matters necessary to accomplish the stated mission and purpose.
(Ord. 97063, passed 11-7-97; Am. Ord. 98055, passed 1-12-99; Am. Ord. 14094, passed 1-13-15; Am. Ord. 17064, passed 1-10-18)