Vacancies on Boards, Commission, Citizen Committees and all other like entities shall be filled by the entire Council. In filling vacancies the following procedures shall be followed:
   (A)   The Clerk of Council shall monitor the expiration date of all terms on Town Boards, Commissions, Citizen Committees and other like entities. Approximately 60 days prior to any expiration of a term (vacancy), the Clerk of Council will advertise the same in a local newspaper and announce the vacancy on the record to Town Council as soon as reasonably possible thereafter.  Appropriate requirements for the vacant position will be included in the advertisement and announcement.  This procedure shall also apply to resignations.  All appointments, including appointments after resignations and second term appointments, are to be treated alike, with all due care and deliberation being afforded to each.
   (B)   The Clerk of Council will receive applications and resumes for a specified period of time beginning with the date the vacancy is advertised. All applicants must complete the official Town Board/Commission application form. The form will include information pertaining to the Board/ Commission vacancy.
   (C)   The Clerk of Council will provide all members of the Town Council with all applications received.
   (D)   Thereafter, the Town Administrator will ensure that this issue is placed on a regular Council meeting agenda as soon as reasonably possible, and no later than 60 days after the date of the vacancy.
   (E)   The Mayor will automatically schedule an executive session prior to the designated regular Council meeting for the purpose of discussion.  During the designated regular Council meeting in open session, the entire Council will vote pursuant to parliamentary procedure. If none of the candidates prevail, the entire procedure herein will be repeated.
   (F)   All applications will be maintained by the Clerk for a period of two years from the effective date the vacancy is filled. If the application process is  opened for the same position at another time or any other position, original candidates will be notified by the Clerk of Council. In such instances, candidates may ask that their original application be reconsidered.
(Ord. 990005, passed 2-9-99; Am. Ord. 01032, passed 6-12-01; Am. Ord. 05037, passed 6-14-05; Am. Ord. 05076, passed 11-9-05; Am. Ord. 06003, passed 2-15-06)