A.   License Required; Exemptions:
      1.   Except for businesses or occupations otherwise licensed under this Code, it shall be unlawful for any person to conduct, engage in, maintain, operate, carry on or manage a business, occupation or activity, either by himself or through an agent, employee, or partner, without first having obtained a license for such business, occupation or activity and without having first paid the license fee provided in subsection B of this section.
      2.   No such business license shall be required of businesses which qualify as a home occupation under section 10-1-4 of this Code. Any business which claims to be exempt hereunder shall provide any information required by the Village to verify the claimed exemption. In addition, any business or occupation which is currently in existence on the effective date hereof shall be exempt from this provision until such a time as the ownership of the business changes.
   B.   License Fees; Term: The initial application fee for a miscellaneous business license shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) to be paid in advance at the time the application is made to the Village Clerk. In the event that an initial application for miscellaneous business license shall be made after June 30, the application fee shall be reduced to twenty five dollars ($25.00). The miscellaneous business licenses shall be renewed on an annual basis by January 31 and the annual renewal fee shall be twenty five dollars ($25.00). (Ord. 05-02-14, 5-13-2014)