11-1-4: FINAL PLAT:
After completion of the layout in accordance with the regulations prescribed in section 11-1-3 of this chapter, the subdivider shall submit in duplicate a final plat to the Village Clerk. This final plat, which shall be in accordance with the tentative plat as approved, shall show that the requirements for the layout have been complied with, either by means of conventional signs on the plat or by notes and legends thereto attached, and in addition, shall contain the following data and information:
   A.   All plats for record shall be drawn to a scale of two hundred feet to one inch (200' = 1"). Variations in scale may be made, however, where necessary for a proper exhibit of a subdivision.
   B.   Each plat shall show the date of preparation of the plat and the north sign, section and quarter section lines.
   C.   Each plat shall include a correct survey of property subdivided, including legal description, section, township and range; location and widths of all roads, streets, alleys and other lands to be dedicated to public use. All streets in the proposed subdivision shall be named, which names shall conform to those of existing streets and roads unless otherwise permitted by the Village. Offset streets shall not be permitted, but where necessary, the line of departure from one (1) street to another shall be shown.
   D.   All lot lines shall be shown and lots and blocks properly numbered or lettered. Building lines and easements shall be shown and determined by measurements.
   E.   All necessary dimensions, linear and angular, and angles necessary to properly resurvey shall be shown, linear dimensions to be given in feet and decimals of a foot.
   F.   The description and location of all survey monuments placed in the subdivisions shall be shown upon all plats for record.
   G.   All proper certificates, seals and signatures as required by law shall be shown on the original map and not on separate sheets.
   H.   Evidence that the work of improving the streets, as prescribed in section 11-1-3 of this chapter, has been accomplished prior to submission of the plat for final approval, or the receipt of a duplicate signed contract and the accompanying surety bond hereinbefore referred to, shall be shown on such final plat by a certificate to read as follows:
All streets shown herein have been graded, drained and surfaced, with curb and gutter, if required; all required drainage structures have been built; and all services and facilities completely installed, as required, or have been provided for by bonded contract, to my satisfaction.
Date:                               20          .
                  Examiner of Plats
   I.   The subdivider shall make all adjustments relative to any and all taxes and special assessments levied against the property platted by him, before submitting his final plat for approval. Evidence of such adjustments shall be shown on such plat by a certificate signed by the County Clerk. In vacating subdivisions previously platted, the petitioner shall submit evidence of the payment of all taxes and special assessments levied against the property in the same manner as is required for subdividing. (1979 Code § 6-1-4)