A.   Prior to making a subdivision of any tract or parcel of land within the Village, there shall be filed with the Village Clerk a tentative plat in duplicate. This tentative plat shall be in compliance with the following requirements:
      1.   Each plat shall be drawn to a scale of two hundred feet to an inch (200' = 1"). Variations in scale may be made, however, where necessary for a proper exhibit of a subdivision.
      2.   All section lines, watercourses and other existing features pertinent to a proper subdivision shall be shown.
      3.   Width of existing roads; streets with their names; alleys; lots; easements; building lines on property proposed to be subdivided and full width of intersecting streets in property adjacent with their names; the location of existing highways or streets in the subdivision, which may be separated by intervening property, shall be shown.
      4.   Name of proposed subdivision and name of owner or trustee as owner, or name of sponsor for the plat, shall be shown; and a brief description as to location shall be shown as part of the title.
      5.   Names of all adjoining subdivisions shall be included and adjoining property not subdivided shall be marked "Not Subdivided".
      6.   Where topography has significant bearing upon or controls layouts or utility, contour lines at not greater than five foot (5') intervals shall be shown on such tentative plat.
   B.   The Village Clerk shall refer such tentative plats to the proper official designated by the President and Board of Trustees to act as examiner of plats, who shall examine the same for conformity with the provisions of these regulations. If approved, this notation shall be made on each copy of the plats. If not approved, the points of conflict with these regulations shall be noted on each copy of the plats. One (1) copy of the plat in each case will then be returned to the subdivider and the other copy shall be retained by the Village. (1979 Code § 6-1-2)