A.   Prohibitions: No person shall rollerskate or ride a skateboard or play vehicle anywhere in the city without complying with the terms of this section. As used herein, "to rollerskate" shall mean to skate on any type of roller skates or street skates. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or ride a skateboard, roller skates or roller skis or play vehicles in any of the following places:
      1.   On any street except for the purpose of crossing the street. The rules relating to pedestrians crossing the street shall apply to persons crossing the street on roller skates or a skateboard. No person crossing the street on roller skates or a skateboard shall travel too fast for safety under the conditions existing.
      2.   On any sidewalk in the business district of the Village, being all that part of the Village described as follows:
On both sides of Main Street between Seminary Avenue and McKendrie Avenue; on both sides of Wesley Avenue between Center Street and Hitt Street; and on both sides of Front Street between Wesley Avenue and McKendrie Avenue.
      3.   On any public property where signs are posted prohibiting such use, such as parking lots.
      4.   On private property where signs prohibiting such items have been posted by the owner, lessee or person in charge of the property.
   B.   Yield Right-Of-Way To Pedestrians: Operators of skateboards, roller skates, roller skis or play vehicles shall yield the right-of-way to other pedestrians using public sidewalks and shall not otherwise endanger or interfere with pedestrian traffic on those sidewalks.
   C.   Warning: For a first offense, a written warning shall be issued to the offender, and no fine shall be imposed. If the offender is under the age of eighteen (18) years, a parent or guardian of the offender shall be notified and shall be handed or mailed a copy of the written warning.
   D.   Penalty: Any person violating the provisions of this section again after a written warning shall be fined not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than twenty five dollars ($25.00) for each offense. (1979 Code § 11-3-6)