§ 10-2-13 PENALTIES.
   (A)   Any person found to be violating any provision of this chapter, except § 10-2-11, shall be served by the city with written notice stating the nature of the violation and providing a reasonable time limit for the satisfactory correction thereof. The offender shall, within the period of time stated in such notice, permanently cease all violations.
   (B)   Any owner, occupant or party or parties in possession of any house, structure, factory, industrial or commercial establishment or any other building of any other character not complying with the terms of this chapter shall be subject to a penalty as provided in this code.
   (C)   Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall become liable to the city for any expense, loss or damage occasioned the city by reason of such violation.
(1974 Code, § 7-5-13) (Ord. 459, passed 11-9-1960)