§ 10-2-3 PERMITS.
   No connection shall be made with the sewerage system without the written permission of the City Engineer. Application for such permission shall be accompanied by a statement of the purpose of the connection, the premises to be served and the specifications of the pipe or pipes to be connected or the drain from the building to the sewer pipe. No such permission shall be issued unless the City Engineer shall find the ordinances of the city to be complied with in making such connection and the sewer system capable of handling the waste material to be discharged into the sewer. Wherever the title CITY ENGINEER is used in this chapter, it shall mean the acting City Engineer or any person authorized by the City Council to act for him or her.
(1974 Code, § 7-5-3) (Ord. 459, passed 11-9-1960; Ord. 654, passed 7-14-1981)