A violation of a system of water rationing in time of shortage as declared under the authority of this chapter will constitute a misdemeanor and punishable as provided in section 1-4-1 of this Code, and the Public Works Supervisor and/or the Mayor may direct service be immediately terminated or restricted to the user through its service outlet where the violation occurs. A user whose service has been so terminated or restricted shall not have service restored until he comes before the Council, who shall hear the facts as to why service was terminated and what the customer's defense to the accusation is. The Council may continue the termination or restore service upon such terms and conditions as they deem appropriate, including: (Ord. 96, 6-13-2001; amd. 2019 Code)
   A.   Reimbursement to the City for shutoff and reconnect fees and costs;
   B.   Requirements to provide, at customers' expense, assurance against further violations, including, but not limited to:
      1.   Posting of a bond;
      2.   Installation, at customer's expense, of equipment to restrict or shutoff and lock out service or downsize the service connection to the customer. (Ord. 96, 6-13-2001)