A.   Notice: Notice of the system for limitation or rationing of service shall be given as follows:
      1.   If the restriction affects less than twelve (12) service connections, oral notice shall be followed by written notice hand delivered or mailed to the person or organization shown by the City's billing records as responsible for payment for the service within forty eight (48) hours.
      2.   Restrictions applicable to more than twelve (12) users or if twelve (12) or less users and when actual notice is not practical, shall be published in the following manner:
         a.   Notice given not less than twice per day for not less than one week on the commercial radio station operated in Boundary County, Idaho; and
         b.   Publication in the official newspaper of Boundary County, Idaho, once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks; and
         c.   Posting in a public location at the Moyie Springs City Hall.
   B.   Expiration: No posting or notice shall be required to continue beyond the termination of the rationing. (Ord. 96, 6-13-2001)