A.   Specified: The Public Works Supervisor and/or Mayor may, without prior notice, immediately take such action as is necessary to: 1) protect the system from further damage or harm; and/or 2) prevent the system from causing damage or harm to persons or property; and/or 3) limit and direct the system's capacity to deliver water both in sufficient quantity and at sufficient pressure to any portion of the system as they deem necessary to protect persons or property from events threatening their health and safety. In the exercise of this authority, it shall be recognized that protecting the integrity of the system from damage or destruction is of primary importance to enable the City to continue, with minimal disruption, the delivery of water to the users as is necessary for the protection of the health and public safety of the persons or property within City and served by the system.
   B.   Shutting Off Service: This authority shall include the authority to summarily, without prior notice, shut off service to all or any portion of the system or any user without prior notice as they shall deem necessary or redirect the capacity of the system to deliver water to avoid or minimize the anticipated or occurring damage or hazard to the system and/or persons or property in the service area or the loss or waste of water.
   C.   Report Of Action: The person exercising this emergency authorization shall as promptly as reasonably possible report these events and the action taken to the Mayor, President of the Council or Public Works Supervisor, who shall report such to the Council at the next regular or special meeting of the Council. (Ord. 96, 6-13-2001)