The plan requirements shall be:
   (A)   Elevation area capacity curves for the storage facility including notation of the storage volumes allocated to runoff, and permanent residual water storage for other uses (wet basins only);
   (B)   Inflow hydrographs (detention volumes for rational method) for the 15-, 25- and 100-year recurrence interval design storms;
   (C)   Stage-discharge rating curves for each spillway and for combined spillway discharges; and
   (D)   Routing curves for the 15-year and all greater criteria recurrence interval design storms with time plotted as the abscissa and the following plotted as ordinates (this item is not required for the rational method):
      (1)   Cumulative inflow volume;
      (2)   Cumulative discharge; and
      (3)   Stage elevation.
(1999 Code, § 34-5-65)