(A)   It is the policy of the village to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare. The criteria for storm water detention will reduce the possibility of damage to public and private property, will reduce the erosion on land and creek channels, will assist in the attainment and maintenance of water quality standards, and will preserve and enhance the environmental quality of the watercourses in the village. This criteria provides uniform procedures for designing and checking the design of storm drainage detention systems.
   (B)   The Planning and Zoning Commission shall not recommend the approval of any plat unless, after consultation with the Village Engineer, it determines that the proposed provisions for storm water drainage are adequate. Drainage improvements in the subdivision shall be coordinated with existing and planned drainage improvements elsewhere so as to form an integrated municipal system. The storm water drainage system shall be separate and independent of the sanitary sewer system.
(1999 Code, § 34-5-49)  (Ord. 08/10/2010-1, passed 8-10-2010)