(A)   Relationship to curb. The street-side edge of every sidewalk shall either abut the curb or be located at least six feet from the curb to allow sufficient space for tree planting.
   (B)   Width. Residential sidewalks shall be at least four feet wide. Nonresidential sidewalks shall be at least five feet wide.
   (C)   Thickness of concrete. All sidewalks shall be constructed of concrete at least four inches thick, except that across driveways the thickness shall be increased to six inches and/or number six reinforcing mesh shall be used.
   (D)   Grade. No sidewalk shall be constructed at a grade steeper than 6%.
   (E)   Ramps at intersections. When sidewalks are required, curbs shall be cut and sidewalks shall be ramped at all intersections so as to enhance the mobility of handicapped individuals.
(1999 Code, § 34-5-30)