(A)   All streets and alleys shall be improved solely at the expense of the developer in accordance with the requirements set forth herein.
   (B)   All streets shall be graded as hereinafter provided.
      (1)   Generally.
         (a)   All new streets, which are created and dedicated for use within a subdivision shall be graded, drained and surfaced in accordance with the minimum requirements hereinbelow set forth and in a manner which will provide complete and adequate drainage of all the streets, alleys and public grounds which may be necessary in order to provide adequate and satisfactory drainage along the side of any existing public street which lies adjacent to the subdivision.
         (b)   In general, all such new streets within the subdivision and all work to be undertaken thereon shall be designed and constructed according to IDOT Roads and Bridges Standard Specifications as the same are in effect at the time the preliminary plat and plans for such improvement work are submitted for approval.
      (2)   Grading roadway and side slopes. The roadway shall be considered to be that part of the improvement which lies between the right-of-way lines.
      (3)   Street construction standards. All streets within the jurisdictional authority of the municipality other than state highways shall be improved with pavements bounded by integral concrete curbs and gutter, in accordance with the following criteria.
         (a)   Collector street pavements shall be provided with a bituminous surface of one and one-half inches of bituminous concrete binder and one and one-half inches of bituminous concrete surface Class 1 placed upon a crush stone base course of CA #6 having a minimum thickness of six inches compacted. The center 40 feet of the base course shall have a crown of three inches.
         (b)   Local street pavements shall be provided with a CA #6 crushed stone base course, having a minimum thickness of seven inches compacted. An A-2 surface treatment shall be applied in accordance with the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction of the State of Illinois, Department of Transportation.
         (c)   The crushed stone base course shall be permitted to remain throughout one winter season before the bituminous surface is placed thereon. Following inspection of the base and subbase as to compaction and thickness of the base by the Administrative Officer, he or she may, by authority in writing to the subdivider, waive the winter season waiting period. Compaction based on percent of optimum density.
         (d)   The subdivider shall be required to improve arterial streets only to the width required by the current and immediate needs of his or her subdivision consistent to the standards and specifications herein contained.
      (4)   Utility lines. Underground utilities in streets or rights-of-way or in easements shall be installed prior to the construction of such streets and/or alleys. Wherever possible, utilities will be placed in rear lot easements with street placement permitted in only the most unusual circumstances.
(1999 Code, § 34-5-20)