§ 154.194  DEAD-END STREETS.
   (A)   Temporary stub streets. Streets shall be so arranged to provide for the continuation of principal streets between adjacent properties when such continuation is necessary for convenient movement of traffic, effective fire and police protection, and efficient provision of utilities, and where such continuation comports with the village’s official map. If the adjacent property is undeveloped and the street must dead-end temporarily, the right-of-way shall be extended to the property line, and no strip that would prevent connections with future streets shall be reserved. A temporary turnabout shall be provided at the terminus of any temporary dead-end street.
   (B)   Permanent dead-end streets.
      (1)   For greater convenience to traffic and more effective police and fire protection, permanent dead-end streets shall be limited to 500 feet in length.
      (2)   The terminus of a permanent dead-end street shall not be closer than 50 feet to the boundary of an adjacent tract. A cul-de-sac turnaround, having a minimum right-of-way radius of 50 feet and a minimum pavement radius of 42 feet, shall be provided at the end of every permanent dead-end street.
(1999 Code, § 34-5-12)