(A)   Every final plat shall be prepared by a land surveyor on new linen tracing cloth- or polyester-base film with waterproof black ink at a scale not greater than 100 feet equals one inch, provided that the resultant drawing shall not exceed 36 inches square.
   (B)   The final plat and supporting data shall portray/provide all of the following information:
      (1)   North arrow, graphic scale and date;
      (2)   Name of subdivider, subdivision, identification of the portion of the public lands survey in which the subdivision is located;
      (3)   Accurate metes and bounds or other adequate legal description of the tract, and the included area of the subdivision to the nearest one-hundredth of an acre;
      (4)   Accurate boundary lines, with dimensions and bearings or angles which provide a survey of the tract, closing with an error of closure of not more than one foot in 10,000 feet;
      (5)   All dimensions shall be shown in feet and decimals of a foot;
      (6)   Reference to recorded plats of adjoining platted land within 300 feet, by record name, plat book and page number;
      (7)   Accurate locations of all existing streets intersecting the boundaries of the subdivision;
      (8)   Right-of-way lines of all streets, other rights-of-way, easements and lot lines with accurate dimensions, angles or bearings and curve data, including radii, arcs or chords, points of tangency and central angles;
      (9)   Name and right-of-way width of every proposed street;
      (10)   Purpose of any existing or proposed easement(s);
      (11)   Number of each lot, lot dimensions and (in a separate list) lot areas;
      (12)   Purpose(s) for which sites, other than private lots, are reserved;
      (13)   Building or setback lines with accurate dimensions;
      (14)   Restrictions of all types which will run with the land, and become covenants in the deeds of lots;
      (15)   Certification of dedication of all public areas;
      (16)   Accurate distances and directions to the nearest established official monument; reference corners shall be accurately described on the final plat;
      (17)   Reference to known and permanent monuments and benchmarks from which future surveys may be made together with elevations of any benchmarks; and the surveyor must, at the time of making his or her survey, establish permanent monuments (set in such a manner that they will not be moved by frost) which mark the external boundaries of the tract to be divided or subdivided and must designate upon the plat the locations where they may be found; and
      (18)   Location, type, material and size of all monuments and lot markers.
(1999 Code, § 34-3-24)