(A)   Improvements plans shall consist of black or blue line prints not larger than 36 inches square.
   (B)   These plans and the related specifications shall provide all of the following information:
      (1)   Topography of the tract, both before and after development at the same scale as the approved preliminary plat;
      (2)   Existing and proposed elevations along the centerline of all streets;
      (3)   Radii of all curves and lengths of tangents on all streets;
      (4)   Locations and typical cross-section of street pavements including curbs/gutters, catch basins and inlets;
      (5)   Locations and typical cross-section of sidewalks and driveway aprons;
      (6)   Locations, sizes and invert elevations of all existing and proposed sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and fire hydrants, showing connections to any existing or proposed utility systems;
      (7)   Locations and sizes of all water, gas, electric and other utilities;
      (8)   Locations of street lighting standards and street signs;
      (9)   One or more benchmarks, when requested by the Engineer, in or near the subdivision, to which the subdivision is referenced; the identity and elevation shall be based on sea level datum;
      (10)   All proposed measures to control erosion and sedimentation;
      (11)   High water elevations of all lakes/streams adjoining or within the tract;
      (12)   Such other information as the Village Engineer may reasonably require to perform his or her duties under this section; and
      (13)   Existing and proposed survey monuments on street plans or on the proposed final plat as required by this chapter.
(1999 Code, § 34-3-9)