(A)   The Village Board shall review the preliminary plat, along with the Planning and Zoning Commission recommendations, and approve, disapprove or approve subject to certain conditions and/or modifications said preliminary plat within 30 days after its next regularly scheduled meeting following receipt of the written Planning and Zoning Commission recommendations, unless variances from zoning code requirements are needed, in which case, the Village Board’s 30 days commence the day after the Board of Appeals hearing is held, as required by the zoning code.
   (B)   If the Village Board rejects the preliminary plat, its resolution shall specify the aspects in which the plat fails to comply with this chapter and/or the official map. The Village Clerk shall attach a certified copy of the Board’s resolution of approval or disapproval to the preliminary plat. One copy of the resolution and plat shall be retained by the Clerk, one copy shall be filed with the Administrator and one copy shall be sent to the subdivider by return receipt mail.
(1999 Code, § 34-3-5)  (Ord. 08/10/2010-1, passed 8-10-2010)