(A)   New car. When the identity of the registered owner, lien holder or other person legally entitled to the possession of an abandoned, lost or unclaimed vehicle of seven years of age or newer cannot be determined by any means provided for in this chapter, the vehicle may be sold as provided for in § 73.07 without notice to any person whose identity can be determined.
   (B)   Old car. When an abandoned vehicle of more than seven years of age is impounded as specified by this code, it shall be kept in custody for a minimum of ten days for the purpose of determining the identity of the registered owner and lien holder and contracting the registered owner and lien holder by the U.S. mail, public service or in person for a determination of disposition; an examination of the state police stolen motor vehicle files for theft and wanted information. (At the expiration of the ten-day period without the benefit of disposition information being received from the registered owner, lien holder or other legally entitled person, the Chief of Police shall authorize the disposal of the vehicle as junk.)
   (C)   Antique vehicle. A vehicle classified as an antique vehicle may, however, be sold to a person desiring to restore it.
(1999 Code, § 24-7-15)  (Ord. 09/10/2002-2, passed 9-10-2002; Ord. 04/10/2012-1, passed 4-10-2012)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see 625 ILCS 5/4-209