(A)   With notice, any village law enforcement official will have the power to authorize the removal of vehicles by towing under the following circumstances:
      (1)   Any abandoned, derelict or inoperable motor vehicles and/or parts, whether on public or private property and in view of the general public;
      (2)   When a vehicle is abandoned on a highway within the village, for a period of ten hours or more. Such a vehicle is deemed a traffic hazard and constitutes an immediate threat of death, bodily injury or property damages; or
      (3)   When a vehicle is abandoned on private property and a complaint is registered by the property owner.
(1999 Code, § 24-7-7)
   (B)   (1)   Any vehicle specified in division (A) above may be towed and/or removed if the following conditions are met:
         (a)   A notice is sent to the registered owner and/or person in control of the inoperable motor vehicle and/or parts informing them they must dispose of the vehicle and/or parts within seven days from the issuance of the notice; and
         (b)   The notice shall be sent by certified mail and shall contain an opportunity for a hearing prior to the removal.
      (2)   This division (B) shall not apply to any motor vehicle that is kept within a building when not in use, to operable historic vehicles or to a motor vehicle on the premises or place engaged in the wrecking or junking of motor vehicles.
(1999 Code, § 24-7-8)
(Ord. 09/10/2002-2, passed 9-10-2002; Ord. 04/10/2012-1, passed 4-10-2012)