Nothing in this subchapter shall excuse any person or entity from obligations imposed under any law, including but not limited to:
   (A)   Generally applicable taxes;
   (B)   Standards for construction on, over, under or within, use of or repair of the public rights-of- way, including standards relating to freestanding towers and other structures upon the public rights-of- way, as provided;
   (C)   Any liability imposed for the failure to comply with such generally applicable taxes or standards governing construction on, over, under, or within, use of or repair of the public rights-of-way; and
   (D)   Compliance with any ordinance or provision of this subchapter concerning uses or structures not located on, over or within the right-of-way.
(1999 Code, § 36-2-5) (Ord. 98-103, passed 3-10-1998)