A.   Minor adjustments may be made and approved by the city staff when a building permit is issued. Minor adjustments are those which may affect the precise dimensions or siting of buildings, but which do not affect the basic character or arrangement of buildings approved in the final plan, nor the development coverage of the development or the open space requirements. Such dimensional adjustments shall not vary more than ten percent (10%) from the original.
   B.   Major adjustments for PIDs of twenty five (25) acres or larger are those which, in the opinion of the city, substantially change the basic design, coverage, open space or other requirements of the planned industrial development. When, in the opinion of the city staff, a change constitutes a major adjustment for a PID of twenty five (25) acres or larger, no building or other permit shall be issued without prior review and approval by the city council of such adjustment. (Ord. 1688, 2-10-2020)