The applicant shall submit five (5) physical copies and one (1) digital copy (including CAD as applicable) of the final development plan of the proposed development to the planning and zoning department for its review. The final development plan shall comply with the conditions imposed on the preliminary development plan. In addition, if the development is being subdivided, the data required of regular plats as required by chapter 9-16 must be submitted. The plan shall include the following:
   A.   Final elevation and perspective drawings of project structures;
   B.   Final landscaping plan;
   C.   Final plans of and including profiles of the drainage, water, sewer, lighting, streets, and sidewalks or pathways; and
   D.   Such other documentation, information and data not lending itself to graphic presentation such as restrictive covenants, dedications of easements, rights-of-way, and other conditions specifically required by the city for the particular PID. No final development plan shall be deemed acceptable for filing unless all of the above information is submitted in accurate and complete form sufficient for the purposes of community and economic development department review. After receiving the final development plan, the planning and zoning department shall route the same to all appropriate city departments and each department shall again submit to the planning and zoning department comments and recommendations. If the city departments determine that the final map conforms fully with all applicable regulations and standards, the final map shall be presented to the city council for final approval. (Ord. 1688, 2-10-2020)