A.   Appointment: The Chief of the Fire Department shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to the approval of the Council. He shall hold office for the duration of his appointment unless sooner removed by the Mayor with the concurrence of the Council.
   B.   Rank: The Chief of the Fire Department, commonly referred to as the Fire Chief, shall be the head of the Department and have supervision over all officers and members thereof. The Fire Chief may, with the approval of the Mayor, appoint such other Fire Department officers as may be deemed necessary.
   C.   Duties: The Fire Chief shall keep such records and make such reports concerning the activities of his Department as may be required by statute or by the Mayor. He shall be responsible for the performance of the Fire Department and of its functions and all persons who are members of the Fire Department shall serve subject to his order. He shall be responsible for the control and custody of all Fire Department property and equipment. He shall have the authority of a police officer while actively engaged in fighting a fire, or going to or from a fire. (Revised Code 1958; 1990 Code)