A.   Whenever a complaint is made to the building department of the existence of a "public nuisance", as defined in section 7-8-1 of this chapter, the building department shall promptly cause to be inspected the property on which it is alleged that such public nuisance exists. Should the building department find that a public nuisance exists, and that the public health, safety or welfare may be in immediate danger, then summary abatement procedures shall be implemented and the building department may cause the nuisance to be removed or abated.
   B.   When summary abatement is authorized, notice to the owner, agent or occupant of the property is not required. Following summary abatement, the building department shall cause to be posted on the property liable for the abatement a notice describing the action taken to abate the nuisance. (Ord. 1343, 7-23-2001)