6-6-1: Definitions
6-6-2: Purpose
6-6-3: Animal Control Officer And Duties
6-6-4: Licenses, Number Of Animals, Vaccinations, Fees And Penalties
6-6-5: Impoundment, Redemption, Adoption And Fees
6-6-6: Freeing Impounded Animals Prohibited
6-6-7: Animal Bites And Rabies Control
6-6-8: Vicious Animals
6-6-9: Commanding An Animal To Attack
6-6-10: Animal Cruelty
6-6-11: Animal Fighting
6-6-12: Animal Nuisances
6-6-13: Animals Running At Large
6-6-14: Animals Not Permitted In City Parks Or On City Property
6-6-15: Animal Feces To Be Removed By Owners
6-6-16: Injured And Diseased Animals
6-6-17: Prohibited Animals, Livestock, Poultry, Wild And Exotic Animals
6-6-18: Records Required
6-6-19: Severability
6-6-20: Enforcement And Penalties
6-6-21: State Laws Supersede