Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Act
735.01   Short title.
735.02   Definitions.
735.03   Statement of policy.
735.04   Drug-Free Workplace Policy required for public improvement construction.
735.05   Employee Drug-Free Workplace Policy required to bid for a public improvement contract.
735.06   Drug-Free Workplace Policy not applicable to workers required to follow federal Department of Transportation drug testing guidelines.
735.07   Drug-Free Workplace written policy to be kept posted.
735.08   Drug-Free Workplace records and contents open for inspection.
735.09   Confidentiality; test results not to be used in criminal and administrative  proceedings.
735.10   Contractor to provide certified Drug-Free Workplace report.
735.11   Existing contracts.
735.99   Penalty.
Liquor control - see GEN. OFF. Art. 521