As used in this Charter, the following words shall have the following meanings unless the context indicates otherwise:
   "Appropriation" shall mean the authorized amount of monies set aside for expenditure during a specified time for a specific purpose.
   "Board," "Board of Trustees" shall mean Board of Trustees of the Town of Morrison, Colorado, consisting of the Mayor and all Trustees.
   "Board or Commission" shall mean the boards or commissions established by or pursuant to article 12.0.
   "Cause" shall mean a substantial breach of an elected official's duties and obligations to the Town, or other elected or appointed officials or employees of the Town, and shall include, without limitation, conviction of a serious crime or misdemeanor, dishonesty, serious neglect of duty or intentional acts causing serious injury to the Town, its property or its interests.
   "Constitution," "State Constitution" shall mean the Constitution of the State of Colorado as from time to time amended.
   "Department" shall mean a distinct functional area or division of Town operations as defined by the Board of Trustees.
   "Directive" shall mean authoritative instructions; a command; an order.
   "Disability" shall mean a condition rendering a person temporarily or permanently unable to discharge one or more essential functions of his/her office of position.
   "Emergency" shall mean an existing condition actually arising from unforeseen circumstances which immediately endangers public property, health, peace or safety.
   "Employee" shall mean the Town Manager, Town Clerk, Police Chief, each department head, and also means each compensated person in Municipal service who is designated as an employee in the personnel rules, regulations, or policies of the Town.
   "Fair Campaign Practices Act" shall mean article 45 of title 1, C.R.S. as it may be amended from time to time.
   "Franchise" shall mean an irrevocable privilege granted by the Town permitting a specified use of public property for a specified length of time.
   "Internet Website" shall mean an electronic medium accessible by the general public through widely available telecommunication devices.
   "Manager", "Town Manager" shall mean that individual appointed to that position pursuant to section 7.1 by the Board of Trustees.
   "May" shall be construed as permissive.
   "Member" shall mean those elected to the Board of Trustees including the Mayor.
   "Officer" shall mean any person elected to office or appointed by the Board.
   "Organizational Meeting" shall mean the first meeting of the Board of Trustees following a regular election.
   "Overlapping Terms" shall mean terms of office of the expiration of which are staggered, as nearly as practicable, so that terms of office for no more than three Trustees expire at one time.
   "Posted" shall mean placed in a manner to be easily read and likely to remain until removed by the Town, in an easily accessible, previously identified location.
   "Public Place" shall mean a place where the public has lawful and reasonably easy access.
   "Qualified Elector" shall mean a person possessing the qualifications entitling them to register to vote in a Municipal election under the Municipal Election Code, article 10 of title 31, Colorado Revised Statutes.
   "Registered Elector" shall mean a qualified elector who has registered to vote in a Town election pursuant to the Municipal Election Code, article 10, title 31, C.R.S.
   "Regular Election" shall mean that Town election held on the first Tuesday in April in even numbered years.
   "Shall" shall be construed as directive.
   "State Statutes" shall mean the Statutes of the State of Colorado as from time to time amended.
   "Town" shall mean the Town of Morrison, Colorado.
   "Trustee" shall mean any member of the Board of Trustees except the Mayor.
(9-26-2000; amd. 4-3-2018)