(a)   The Town shall have the power to create local improvement districts, general improvement districts, special taxing districts, urban renewal authorities, housing authorities and other special districts and authorities, as authorized by Colorado statutes for municipalities, or as may be authorized by ordinance of the Town.
   (b)   The Town shall also have the power to create districts and authorities similar to those referred to in paragraph (a) above pursuant to provisions prescribed by the State Constitution or by ordinance, subject to the provisions of this Charter.
   (c)   Without limiting alternative methods of financing, the costs of designing, constructing, installing or acquiring public, local or municipal improvements of every kind and character may be assessed in whole or in part upon the property benefited by such improvements.
   (d)   Money may be borrowed to finance the design, construction, installation or acquisition of such improvements as provided for in Article 9.0 of this Charter, including issuing securities secured by a pledge of assessments against the benefited property in the District. Such obligations shall not require a vote of the electorate unless they create a general obligation debt.
   (e)   The Town may also pay for such improvements out of monies available therefore from any appropriate fund or source and, at its option, provide for repayment to the appropriate fund from collection of the assessments.
   (f)   The Town may also redeem or prepay improvement district securities at any time funds are available to do so and assign the assessments as collected to an appropriate fund of the Town.