(a)   Unless another date is provided by ordinance, the Town shall adopt the budget, by resolution, on or before the date provided by law for certification of the ad valorem Property Tax levy. If the Town fails to adopt the budget by the required date, the amounts appropriated for the current fiscal year, together with any additional amounts necessary for payments of principal and interest on securities and other payment obligations, shall be deemed appropriated for the next fiscal year on a month-to-month basis, with all items in it prorated accordingly, until such time as the Town adopts the budget for the next fiscal year.
   (b)   Adoption of the budget shall constitute appropriation of the amounts specified therein as expenditures from the funds indicated, and shall constitute a levy of the ad valorem Property Tax therein provided. The Town shall cause the ad valorem Property Tax levy to be certified as provided by law.
   (c)   Unless as otherwise provided in this Charter or in ordinances not inconsistent with this Charter, procedures concerning supplemental appropriations, transfers, contingencies, and other matters pertaining to the budget, shall be as set forth in the State statutes concerning the budgets of local governments.