(a)   The following procedure shall be followed in adopting any ordinance except an emergency ordinance:
      (1)   The ordinance shall be introduced by motion at a regular or special meeting of the Board of Trustees.
      (2)   Before being introduced, an ordinance, except an emergency ordinance, shall have been posted in full in one (1) place accessible to the public in the Town of Morrison, and posted in full on the Town website, at least 72 hours before its introduction, not counting an intervening Saturday or Sunday. Additionally, copies of the ordinance shall be available to the public at the meeting at which it is introduced.
      (3)   The ordinance shall be read by title.
      (4)   After the reading, and any discussion, the Board shall vote to amend, and adopt as amended, adopt, or reject the ordinance, or take such other action as it deems appropriate.
      (5)   If the ordinance is adopted it shall be published as provided in section 3.14.
      (6)   Prior to taking final action on the ordinance, the Board of Trustees may permit public comment on the ordinance.
      (7)   The ordinance shall be signed by the Mayor and attested by the Town Clerk, and affidavits of publication shall be retained with the ordinance in the Town's records.
      (8)   An ordinance, except an emergency ordinance, shall be effective fifteen (15) days after adoption and publication in accordance with section 3.14 below.
(9-26-2000; amd. 4-3-2018)
      (9)   The above procedures for notice before introduction and public comment may be modified by the Board of Trustees to meet requirements of the Town or applicable State Statute for notice and public hearing in specific matters.