(a)   Conflicts of Interest
      (1)   A "conflict of interest," for purposes of this Article, means any pecuniary, property or commercial benefit of any person covered by this Article, or of any parent, spouse, sibling, or child of such person. However, a "conflict of interest" does not include any matter involving the common public interest, or any matter in which a similar benefit is conferred or is available to all persons or property similarly situated.
      (2)   No person subject to the requirements of this Article shall fail to comply with the applicable disclosure and non-action requirements of this Section.
   (b)   Disclosure And Non-Action - Matters Involving Conflict Of Interest
      (1)   If the Mayor or a Trustee has a conflict of interest with regard to any matter before the Board, he or she shall follow the disclosure and other requirements of this section. The Board shall be the final arbiter of conflicts of interest of its members.
      (2)   At or before the time the matter is heard, the member shall disclose the interest to the Board. The member shall not vote on or otherwise take any formal action concerning the matter, shall not participate in any executive session concerning the matter, and shall refrain from attempting to influence any other member in voting on the matter other than as a citizen in an open meeting on the record.
   (c)   Other Provisions Concerning Conflicts of Interest
      (1)   Neither the Mayor or any Trustee shall use for personal or private gain, or for any other personal or private purpose, any information which is not available to the public and which is obtained by reason of the person's position with the Town, or disclose any such information except as required by law.
      (2)   The provisions of this article shall be in addition to any applicable conflict of interest provisions of the State Statutes that are at least as restrictive as this article, and shall supersede any such conflict of interest provisions of the State Statutes that are less restrictive than this Article.