WHEREAS, the 1967 edition of the Morgantown City Code needs to be revised to comply with current State law and administrative practice and to incorporate legislation enacted subsequent to 1967;
   WHEREAS, Council has heretofore entered into a contract with the Walter H. Drane Company to prepare and publish such recodification;
   WHEREAS, the recodification of such ordinances, together with the new matter to be adopted, the matters to be amended and those to be repealed are before the Council; now therefore,
   Section 1.  That the ordinances of the City of Morgantown, West Virginia, of a general and permanent nature, as revised, recodified, rearranged and consolidated into component codes, chapters, articles and sections are hereby  approved, adopted and enacted as the City Code of Morgantown, West Virginia, 1983.
   Section 2.  That pursuant to Section 2.13(c) of the City Charter :
   (a)    Notice of the proposed adoption of the 1983 City Code shall be given by publication as provided in Section 2.13(b)(3) of the City Charter.
   (b)    One book-form copy of the 1983 City Code shall be certified as correct by the Mayor and filed as a permanent record in the office of the City Clerk.
   Section 3.  That the provisions of this Ordinance, including all provisions of the 1983 City Code, shall be in full force and effect as provided in Section 5 of this Ordinance. All ordinances and resolutions or parts thereof enacted prior to July 1, 1983 which are inconsistent with any provision of the 1983 City Code, are hereby repealed as of the effective date of this Ordinance except as follows:
   (a)    The enactment of the 1983 City Code shall not be construed to affect a right or liability accrued or incurred under any legislative provisions prior to the effective date of such enactment, or an action or proceeding for the enforcement of such right or liability. Such enactment shall not be construed to relieve any person from punishment for an act committed in the violation of any such legislative provisions, nor to affect an indictment or prosecution therefor. For such purposes, any such legislative provisions shall continue in full force notwithstanding its repeal for the purpose of revision and recodification.
   (b)    The repeal provided above shall not affect:
      (1)    The grant or creation of a franchise, license, right, easement or privilege.
      (2)    The purchase, sale, lease or transfer of property.
      (3)    The appropriation or expenditure of money or promise or guarantee of payment.
      (4)    The assumption of any contract or obligation.
      (5)    The issuance and delivery of any bonds, obligations or other instruments of indebtedness.
      (6)    The levy or imposition of taxes, assessments or charges.
      (7)    The establishment, naming, vacating or grade level of any street or public way.
      (8)    The dedication of property or plat approval.
      (9)    The annexation or detachment of territory.
      (10)    Any legislation enacted subsequent to July 1, 1983.
   Section 4.  That the following new ordinance material is hereby enacted in conjunction with the adoption of the 1983 City Code in order to bring the City's ordinances into compliance with current administrative practice and State law:
   101.01 to 101.08          Interpretation and construction
   181.02 to 181.04          Jury trial; court costs
   301.01 to 301.47          Traffic Code definitions
   303.01 to 303.06, 303.99       Enforcement of Code, emergency vehicles, penalty
   307.01             Vehicle impoundment authorization
   311.01 to 311.04          Street obstructions, special uses
   313.01 to 313.07          Traffic control devices
   315.13             Standards for parade permit issuance
   331.01 to 331.05, 331.07       Accidents, driver unable to make report
   333.01 to 333.03, 333.99       Driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, penalty
   335.01 to 335.04          Speed restrictions, racing prohibitions
   337.01 to 337.06          Driving on right side, passing regulations
   337.08 to 337.12          Driving on various roadways, following
                  too closely
   339.01 to 339.10          Turning vehicle, starting and signaling
   341.01 to 341.05          Right of way regulations
   343.01 to 343.07          Special stops required
   345.01 to 345.21,
   345.23 to 345.32          Safety of vehicle and equipment, restrictions, inspection certificates
   347.01 to 347.05          Commercial and heavy vehicle regulations
   349.01 to 349.10, 349.12       Miscellaneous vehicle rules
   349.13, 349.15, 349.16       Miscellaneous vehicle rules
   351.01 to 351.11          Licensing of vehicle, operator
   361.01 to 361.08          General parking regulations
   365.03(b)             Off-street parking sites established
   365.99             Parking violations, penalty
   371.01 to 371.08          Pedestrian rules, drivers to exercise due care
   373.01, 373.02(a)          Bicycle code application, traffic rules
   373.03 to 373.07, 373.10       Safety regulations, equipment required
   501.01 to 501.07, 501.99       Law enforcement, false reports, penalty
   505.01 to 505.12          Animal and fowl regulations
   509.03, 509.99          Loitering on school property, penalty
   513.01 to 513.09, 513.99       Gambling, lotteries and raffles, penalty
   517.01 to 517.09, 517.99       Indecency and obscenity prohibited, penalty
   521.01 to 521.06, 521.99       Liquor control, prohibitions, penalty
   525.01 to 525.03          Minors, contributing to delinquency of,
                  cruelty to, recovery from damages of
   529.01 to 529.03, 529.99       Assault and battery, controlled substances, penalty
   531.01, 531.02, 531.99       Railroad crossing obstructions and trespassing violations, penalty
   533.01 to 533.05, 533.99       Offenses relating to property, penalty
   545.01 to 545.06, 545.99       Weapons regulations, penalty
   701.99(b)             Business and Taxation Code penalty
   743.01             Closing-out, fire and defunct business sale definitions
   757.01             Nonintoxicating beer definitions
   925.99             Sewer rates penalty
   1127.99             Food regulations penalty
   1139.99             Refuse collection penalty
   1145.99             Weeds and noxious materials penalty
   1701.05, 1701.99          Right of entry for building inspection, penalty
   1717.01             National Electrical Code adopted
   1725.02             Gas appliances and accessories
                  installation regulations
   Section 5.  That this Ordinance shall be effective from the date of its adoption.
ADOPTED:    October 18, 1983
/s/    Harold Lipscomb         
FILED:    October 19, 1983
/s/    Patricia J. Campbell     
RECORDED: October 19, 1983
Preliminary Unit
      PART ONE -       Administrative Code
      PART THREE -    Traffic Code
      PART FIVE -    General Offenses Code
      PART SEVEN -    Business and Taxation Code
      PART NINE -     Streets, Utilities and Public Services Code
      PART ELEVEN -     Health and Sanitation Code
      PART THIRTEEN -   Planning and Zoning Code
      PART FIFTEEN -    Fire Prevention Code
      PART SEVENTEEN -  Building and Housing Code