Introductions, General Provisions   1
Definitions   2
Administration; Permit And Review Procedures; Enforcement   3
Document And Plan Submission   4
Zoning Districts Established   5
  Multiple Use, Agriculture And Rural Residential Districts   5A
  Residential And Multiple-Family Residential Districts   5B
  Commercial And Industrial Districts      5C
  Reserved   5D
  Sensitive Area District   5E
  Master Planned Development Reserve District (Rep. by Ord. 11-16, 12-6-2011   )   5F
  Redevelopment Overlay Zone   5G
  Airport Overlay Zone      5H
  Geologic Hazards   5I
  Resort Special Districts   5J
  Town Center Design Standards   5K
Supplementary Regulations   6
Nonconforming Uses, Structures And Lots   7
Conditional Uses   8
Residential Facilities For Elderly Or Handicapped Persons      9
Sign Regulations   10
Off Street Parking Requirements   11
Subdivisions   12
Planned Developments   13
  Planned Residential Unit Developments (PRUD) (Rep. by Ord. 10-13, 7-20-2010)   13A
  Cottonwoods PUD Overlay District      13B
  Coventry Cove PUD Overlay District   13C
Wildland Urban Interface Code   14
Surveys   15
Building And Related Codes 1 (Rep. by Ord. 10-14, 8-31-2010)   16
Mailbox Standards   17
Sexually Oriented Businesses   18
Wireless Telecommunication Facilities   19
Amateur Radio Antenna Towers   20
Development Agreements   21



1. See title 7, chapter 7 of this Code.