A.   Required; Request For Inspection: All construction work shall be inspected and approved by the county engineer or his authorized representative. Requests for inspection shall be made at least one day prior to the date of inspection. All approvals shall be in writing.
      1.   All pipe work and other facilities to be buried, shall be inspected and approved before being covered.
      2.   Approvals are required for roadway subgrades, base courses and surfaces. Each item must be approved before placement of the concrete.
   B.   Continuous Inspections: Continuous inspection is required for the following:
      1.   Road surfacing.
      2.   Pouring concrete curb, gutters, sidewalks and structures.
      3.   Laying water, sewer and drainage pipe and installing their appurtenant facilities.
   C.   Periodic Inspections: Periodic inspection is required for the following:
      1.   Street excavation, grading and compaction of subgrade and base courses.
      2.   Excavation.
   D.   Rejection: The contractor shall prosecute work only in the presence of a properly authorized inspector. Any work done in the absence of said inspector is subject to rejection. The contractor shall furnish the inspector, at all times, reasonable facilities for obtaining such information as he may desire regarding the progress, method of doing the work, as well as the character of the materials being used.
   E.   Defective Work: No work, which may be defective in its construction, or deficient in any of the requirements of these specifications, will be considered as accepted as a consequence of the failure of any officers of the county, or inspector connected with the work, to point out said defects or deficiencies during construction. The contractor shall correct any imperfect work when and whenever discovered, before the final acceptance of the work by the county.
   F.   Testing: At the request of the county engineer, the permittee will perform such tests in the presence of the county engineer, as necessary to prove such compliance with these specifications. The costs will be performed by and certified to by a qualified licensed professional engineer. (Ord. 11-12, 10-4-2011)