A.   Application For Permit: No excavation permit shall be issued unless a written application for the issuance of an excavation permit is submitted to Morgan County. The written application shall state, at a minimum, the name and address and principal place of business of the applicant, the location and dimensions of the installation or removal, and the approximate size and details of the excavation to be made, an engineer's cost estimate for the project, the purpose of the facility, including backfilling and excavation and removing all obstructions, material and debris. The application, when approved, shall constitute the permit.
   B.   Fee For Permit: Excavation permit fees, if any, shall be in such amounts as established by resolution of the county council.
   C.   Business Licenses, Bond Required: All applicants having an excavation permit as herein provided shall be duly licensed and bonded contractors, or a licensed public utility, and shall possess a license from the state or county, as applicable.
   D.   Condition Of Issuance: No permit shall be issued except that said permit be conditioned upon the permittee securing and holding the county and its officers harmless against any and all claims, judgments or other costs arising from the excavation and other work covered by said excavation, all for which the county, county council or any other county officer will not be liable by reason of any accident or injury to persons or property through the fault of the permit holder in not properly guarding the excavations or from any other injury resulting from the negligence of said permittee.
   E.   Approval: No permit shall be issued without review and approval from the Morgan County engineer, regardless of what county department is charged with issuing the permit. (Ord. 11-12, 10-4-2011)