A statement of the costs incurred by the county in such removal, destruction or eradication and as a demand for payment shall be submitted to the owner or occupant in writing, and the owner shall be liable therefor. The costs incurred shall be a lien upon the property of the owner or occupant, and any personal property removed or taken into custody by the county pursuant to this chapter may be sold or otherwise disposed of in satisfaction of such lien, the proceeds being applied first to the cost of sale, second to the cost of removal, destruction or eradication and other county expenses, and the balance, if any, to the owner or occupant. Any unsatisfied costs incurred in the removal, destruction or eradication of any unsightly or deleterious objects, structures, or disused or abandoned motor vehicles, or any injurious or noxious weeds, trash, refuse or garbage, may be referred to the county treasurer for inclusion in the tax notice of the property owner or occupant and shall be collected by the county treasurer as are other property taxes. (Ord. 60, 7-3-1972)