In computing the number of off-street parking spaces required by this Code, the following rules shall apply:
   (a)   Floor Area.  Where floor area is designated as the standard for determining off-street parking space requirements, gross floor area shall be used for all land uses, unless specifically noted otherwise.
   (b)   Seats.  Where seating capacity is the standard for determining off-street parking spaces, the capacity shall mean the number of seating units installed or indicated, or one seat for each 24 lineal inches of benches or pews, or when fixed seats are not indicated, the capacity shall be determined as being one seat for each 20 square feet of gross floor area of the assembly room(s). 
   (c)   Fractional Numbers.  Where the computation results in a fractional unit, one additional off-street parking space shall be provided.
      (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)