A.   The rules and regulations governing plats and subdivision of land contained herein will apply within the boundaries of the City and within all unincorporated areas within the State from the City's boundary encompassing those areas within the Clay County Urban Expansion District as permitted by Minnesota Statutes Annotated section 462.358. In the event of overlapping jurisdiction within the prescribed area, the extent of overlapping jurisdiction will be determined and agreed upon between the City and the other municipality or municipalities concerned. This title is not intended to repeal, annul or in any way impair or interfere with existing provisions of other laws, ordinances or with restrictive covenants running with the land except those specifically repealed by or in conflict with this title.
   B.   The City has the power and authority to review, amend and approve subdivisions of land already recorded in the Office of the County Recorder if such plats are entirely or partially undeveloped.
   C.   The plat will be considered to be entirely or partially undeveloped if it meets one (1) or both of the following criteria:
      1.   The plat has been recorded with the County Recorder without prior approval by the City where approval was required. This applies to all plats within the corporate limits and all plats filed after February 21, 1973, that fall within the Clay County Urban Expansion District.
      2.   The plat has been approved by the City and the approval has been granted more than three (3) years prior to granting a building permit on the partially or entirely undeveloped land and the subdivision or zoning regulations for the district in which the subdivision is located have been changed subsequent to the original final subdivision approval. (Ord. 2017-04, 4-24-2017)