A.   Registration Criteria: The owner of a building shall register the building with the code official within five (5) days after it becomes a vacant or boarded building. In this section a "vacant or boarded building" is one that is:
      1.   Condemned;
      2.   Unoccupied and unsecured for five (5) days or more;
      3.   Secured by means other than those normally used in the design of the building for thirty (30) days or more;
      4.   Documented as having multiple building standards, fire or building code violations existing for thirty (30) days or more;
      5.   Unoccupied for a period of time over three hundred sixty five (365) days and during which time an order has been issued to correct a nuisance condition pursuant to title 3, chapter 3 of this code.
   B.   Registration Forms; Required Information: The registration shall be submitted on forms provided by the code official and shall include the following information supplied by the owner:
      1.   A description of the premises;
      2.   The names and addresses of the owner or owners;
      3.   The names and addresses of all known lienholders and all other parties with an ownership interest in the building;
      4.   The period of time the building is expected to remain vacant and a plan and timetable for returning the building to appropriate occupancy or for demolition of the building.
   C.   Compliance During Vacancy/Boarding Period: The owner shall comply with all applicable laws and codes. The owner shall notify the code official of any changes in information supplied as part of the building registration within thirty (30) days of the change. If the plan or timetable for the building repair or demolition is revised in any way, the revisions must meet the approval of the code official. The code official may require the water to be shut off in a vacant building in order to avoid the possibility of damages from broken water lines, freezing of water lines or vandalism.
   D.   Long Term Compliance: Boarding of vacant buildings is considered an interim measure. Property owners are expected to restore buildings to minimum property maintenance standards or conduct demolition of substandard structures within six (6) months in residential or mixed use zoning districts, or within twelve (12) months in commercial, industrial, or other zoning districts not specifically referenced herein. Property owner's documentation of substantial progress toward site restoration and specific obstacles impeding timely performance may warrant consideration by the code official of an extension to the compliance time line.
   E.   Maintenance Of Building Until Action Taken: The owner and the subsequent owners shall keep the building secured and safe and the building and grounds properly maintained until the rehabilitation or demolition has been completed.
   F.   Failure To Maintain: Failure of the owner or any subsequent owner to maintain the building and premises that results in abatement completed by the city shall be grounds for revocation of the approved plan and shall be subject to any applicable penalties provided by law.
   G.   New Owner Registration: The new owner(s) shall register or reregister buildings subject to subsection A of this section with the code official within thirty (30) days of any transfer of an ownership interest in a vacant/boarded building. The new owner(s) shall comply with the approved plan and timetable submitted by the previous owner until any proposed changes are submitted and meet the approval of the director of inspections.
   H.   File Of Written Statements: The code official shall include in the file any property specific written statements from community organizations, other interested parties or citizens regarding the history, problems, status or blighting influence of a vacant building.
   I.   Vacant/Boarded Building Fees:
      1.   The owner of a vacant/boarded building shall pay an annual fee as established by the city's fee schedule. The fee is imposed to defray the administrative costs for registering and processing the building registration form and for the costs of the city in monitoring the building site.
      2.   The first annual fee shall be paid no later than five (5) days after the building becomes vacant or boarded. Subsequent annual fees shall be due on the anniversary date of initial registration. The fees shall be paid in full prior to the issuance of any building permits, with the exception of a demolition permit.
      3.   Unpaid fees shall be charged as a special assessment against the real estate upon which the structure is located and shall be a lien upon such real estate. Upon transfer of ownership, the new owner(s) shall be responsible for all unpaid and subsequent annual fees.
   J.   Owner To Provide Access: A building owner shall provide access to all interior portions of an unoccupied building in order to permit a complete inspection for the purpose of enforcing and assuring compliance with the provisions of this section. (Ord. 2014-18, 9-8-2014)