A.   Household storage including lawn maintenance and snow removal equipment and tools, patio furniture, and recreational tools and equipment when not in use, must be kept in a garage, storage building, or screened enclosure within a rear yard, or behind the dwelling so as not to be visible from the street. Furniture built for and intended for indoor use shall not be stored outside of a residential structure.
   B.   Construction and landscaping material may not be stored outdoors except when such materials are being used for a current project on the premises and such materials are reasonably likely to be used within a sixty (60) day period.
   C.   Racecars may not be stored on a residential lot, except inside a building.
   D.   Storage of firewood is prohibited within the front yard. (Ord. 2004-27, 10-18-2004)
   E.   Junk vehicles unless stored within a building. (Ord. 2005-31, 12-5-2005)