The application, administration and enforcement of the code shall be in accordance with Minnesota rules part 1300 subpart 1 and 2 and as modified by chapter 1305. The code shall be enforced within the incorporated limits of the city, within such extraterritorial limits as may be permitted the city by Minnesota statutes section 16B.62, as such statutes may be from time to time amended, supplemented or replaced, and within any jurisdiction entering into a joint powers agreement with the city.
   A.   The building codes division shall be the enforcement agency of the city.
   B.   The city council shall designate the building official for the jurisdiction of Moorhead who shall be a state certified "building official" in accordance with Minnesota statutes section 16B.65, subdivision 3, and any other state rules or regulations thereunder, as said statutes and rules or regulations may be amended, supplemented, or replaced from time to time. (Ord. 2003-3, 5-5-2003)