The 2020 Minnesota state building code, as adopted by the commissioner of labor and industry pursuant to Minnesota statutes section 326B, including all of the amendments, rules and regulations established, adopted and published from time to time by the Minnesota commissioner of labor and industry, through the building code and standards unit, is hereby adopted by reference with the exception of the optional chapters, unless specifically adopted in this section. The 2020 Minnesota state building code is hereby incorporated in this chapter as if fully set out herein. One copy of said code as it may be from time to time amended, supplemented or replaced under the above statutes and rules shall be on file in the office of the city clerk.
   A.   Administration Required: The chapters of the 2020 Minnesota state building code listed below shall be administered by the city in accordance with Minnesota statutes section 326B et seq., and any Minnesota rules thereunder as such statutes and rules may be from time to time amended, supplemented or replaced. In the event said statutes and rules require in the future any of the below chapters to be deleted or additional chapters to be added, such chapters shall automatically be deleted from or added to this chapter and administered by the city accordingly:
      1.   Chapter 1300 - Minnesota Building Code Administration
      2.   Chapter 1301 - Building Official Certification
      3.   Chapter 1302 - State Building Code Construction Approvals
      4.   Chapter 1303 - Special Provisions
      5.   Chapter 1305 - Minnesota Building Code
      6.   Chapter 1307 - Elevators And Related Devices
      7.   Chapter 1309 - Minnesota Residential Code
      8.   Chapter 1311 - Minnesota Conservation Code For Existing Buildings
      9.   Chapter 1315 - Minnesota Electrical Code
      10.   Chapter 1322 - Minnesota Energy Codes
      11.   Chapter 1323 - Minnesota Energy Codes
      12.   Chapter 1325 - Solar Energy Systems
      13.   Chapter 1335 - Floodproofing Regulations
      14.   Chapter 1341 - Minnesota Accessibility Code
      15.   Chapter 1346 - Minnesota Mechanical Code
      16.   Chapter 1350 - Manufactured Homes
      17.   Chapter 1360 - Prefabricated Structures
      18.   Chapter 1361 - Industrialized/Modular Buildings
      19.   Chapter 1370 - Storm Shelters (Manufactured Home Parks)
      20.   Chapter 4714 - Minnesota Plumbing Code
      21.   Chapter 5230 - Minnesota High Pressure Piping Systems
      22.   Chapter 7511 - Fire Code
   B.   Administration Optional: In addition to those items listed above, standards and supplemental materials referenced as an optional part of the state building code are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference in the building code of the city as if set forth in full:
      Chapter 1335 - Floodproofing Regulations, parts 1335.0600 to 1335.1200 of the Minnesota rules. (Ord. 2015-06, 3-9-2015; amd. Ord. 2020-03, 4-27-2020)