A.   Building Numbering: All buildings shall be numbered as follows: all buildings fronting on avenues shall be numbered to correspond to their distance from First Street eastward. The odd numbers in the numbering of buildings on avenues and Center Avenue shall be placed on the south side and the even numbers on the north side. The numeral 100 shall be used as a basic number to indicate the number of blocks from the initial starting point in the numbering of all buildings as herein mentioned. The buildings on Center Avenue shall be numbered in a manner to correspond to the numbering of the avenues adjoining, the buildings fronting on all streets to correspond to their distance northward or southward from Center Avenue. In numbering all buildings on streets, the odd numbers shall be placed on the west side and the even numbers on the east side. (Ord. 9; 1967 Code §25.01)
   B.   Failure to Number: Every owner or occupier or rental unit manager shall be responsible for maintaining building numbers in a conspicuous place and manner on the front side of the building. Every owner or occupier of buildings who fails and neglects for more than sixty (60) days after an official plat containing the designated number of the lots and buildings has been filed with the City Clerk, to have designated numbers placed in a conspicuous position upon the front side of each and every building owned or occupied in such a manner that the same may be easily read from the sidewalk adjoining the same, shall, upon conviction, be penalized in accordance with the provisions of Section 1-4-2 of this Code. (Ord. 88-20, 1-23-89)